New blog


I’m going to retire this blog.

It’s been fun,

but i think i’ll trade my sad angsty blog for one that fits the positive place i’m in right now.

Will post links when my blog is created.


Where there is smoke there is hellfire - photo by Adam 12


Self-transformation is vital.

Submit to it. Become the basin of pain that echoes the shifting of your bones, and the wet percussion of your own blood.

Emerge from the steam of your old meat, glittering and unconquerable. 

"Shirley, don’t sue a stripper. Life sued her, and she lost."

— Jeff Winger, Community (via aseriesofnouns)

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Yeah sure let me just track sand over my entire house I mean are you serious can you imagine the mess what a catastrophically bad idea


*checks phone every 10 seconds to see if they messaged you back*




remember pictochat on the original ds

You mean “gay sexting simulator”

wtf no i mean pictochat